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We have boards for everyone

Priority Stand Up Paddle Board Rental Bali is dedicated to providing its customers with a high-quality, affordable, mobile paddle board rental service. Start from beginner intermediate board to top pro performance wave rider SUP board. All the boards is made in Bali with love and passion by our team, tested and developed by all our riders. All boards shaped by Jeff Alexander.

Included with every rental is premium carbon paddles for surfing or standard adjustable paddle for cruising.

Beginner / Intermediate Boards

  • 10'x33"x4 3/4"

  • 10'x33"x5"

  • 10'x33"x4 3/4"

  • 10'x32"x4 3/4"

  • 9'7"x32"x4 3/4"

  • 9'5"x31"x4 1/2"

  • 9'11"x32x4 3/4"

  • 10'x29"x4"

    Long Board Nose Rider

  • 10'x26"x4"

    Long Board Nose Rider

Advance Boards

  • 9'0x31x4"

  • 9'0x29"x4"

  • 9'0x30 1/2x4" STING BEN AIPA

  • 8'7"X28 3/4"X4" STING BEN AIPA

  • 8'5X30"X4"

  • 8'5X30"X4"

  • 8'3X28"X4" SWALLOW TAIL

  • 8'2X28"X4" MUTANT GEMINI

  • 8'0X28"X4"

  • 7'7"X28"X4"

  • 7'2X25"X4" MUTANT GEMINI

  • 7'1X24"X4"

  • 7'1X24"X3 3/4"

  • 7'0X24"X3 3/4"

Hydrofoil Board

  • 5'0X20"X3 1/4"

    Prone Surf Foil Board

  • 5'11X26"X3"

    SUP Foil Board

SUP Racing Board

  • 12ft x 28"x9"

    SUP Racing Board


Let us know when's best for you, and we will get back to you with arranged schedule!

Feel free to ask us about ongoing discount and such, who knows you might be lucky!